Thursday, October 16, 2008


There are a lot of things that I think about adding to this blog. I find myself spending increasing amounts of time screwing around on the internet, and there are plenty of things that I think deserve more attention, but I am reluctant to turn this into just another list of interesting things I found. I'm pretty sure that particular niche is well covered. Similarly, I have resisted the urge to post photos (partially because I am a terrible photographer), or talk about any of the other things I do when I'm not doing this.

I have eclectic tastes which would make for a confused theme if I were to include (or even reference) them here, and I think theme is important. I suspect this is a manifestation of the compartmentalizing side of my personality, the same side that is responsible for my slightly manic filing habits and the almost obsessive list writing that I indulge in. Life is full of distractions, and if I can keep one small corner of it free of clutter and at least a little organized, I feel better able to cope with the rest of it.

I am by no means an effective multi-tasker, but (and I am loathe to jump into the cliché, but here goes anyway) modern life is increasingly demanding this of us. Email, SMS, social networking sites, twitter all encourage the expectation that not only are we always available (before mobile phones, and yes I can remember that far back, who would make a phone call after 9pm?), but that we are also always on top of whatever is going on.

So this is my little protest. My little calm corner of the world. I am not going to talk about the US presidential election. I am not going to post links to marathon training plans. I am not going to show mouth-watering photos of amazing food, or talk about what album I am listening to at the moment, or which books I am reading.

Which leaves me with a fundamental problem: what am I going to talk about?

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dingobear said...

You should talk about nothing - that would be awesome! The Seinfeld of all blogs.