Sunday, May 27, 2012


I've made some terrible decisions. I think that is probably true for most people, but it still bears saying. I've made some terrible decisions.

How long does this haunt you? I suppose the obvious answer is as long as it takes to rectify the decision, to correct it.

So, let's play it out, step by step.

Step one: Identify problem/mistake

Step two: ???

Step three: Profit!


Jo said...
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Jo said...

Some wisdom from an old lady:

Decisions are contextual. You can only make them based on what you know at the time. This is because we are (generally) not psychic. It also means that it is okay to forgive ourselves, and importantly, for others to forgive us when things invariably don't work out exactly as planned.

Hindsight is a liar. The only thing it is good for is to make sure we don't do things that didn't work out in exactly the same way next time.

Tell it to fuck off. And forgive yourself (Unless you secretly are John Edwards - he has no excuse)

dingobear said...

Can't think of anything clever to say. $$$$$$$$$$$!!!